N5-45x4 Sector Antenna

The Mimosa N5-45x4 is the industry’s first sector antenna to deliver the best of both worlds — incredible noise rejection and long-distance performance, with wideband 4.9–6.4 GHz operation for fixed wireless broadband. This 4-port, dual-slant polarization, 45º sector is designed for use with the Mimosa A5c 4x4 MIMO radio, delivering gain-enhancing beamforming for the best possible channel reuse, range and noise rejection at collocation and tower sites.



Reject Noise and Synchronize
Overcoming noise at tower sites is key to scaling capacity. The N5-45×4 delivers industry-leading side lobe rejection and an unprecedented 43 dB front-toback (FTB) performance — the highest FTB ratio of any sector or horn antenna in the industry. When used in combination with the Mimosa A5c access point, there’s no higher performance tower solution to deliver full, 2x spectrum reuse.
Wideband Operation
Supporting 4.9 GHz public safety applications and multipoint licensed operation up to 6.4 GHz (where regulations allow), the N5-45×4 provides an additional 800 MHz of spectrum beyond the crowded 5.15–5.85 GHz unlicensed channels.

Go the Distance
The Mimosa N5-45×4 offers the best of both worlds — a long distance, high-gain sector with the superior noise isolation of a horn. Competitive sectors offer highgain,but fail to reduce side lobe and front-to-backnoise. Symmetric horn antennas achieve good noiseisolation, but typically offer lower gain and inefficientsymmetrical ground coverage patterns.


Compatible with Third-Party Radios
In addition to the 4×4 MIMO Mimosa A5c, the N5- 45×4 will support two concurrent third-party 2×2 MIMO radios operating on separate channels to double the coverage capacity at a tower site and avoid the congestion of the unlicensed 5 GHz band.
Designed for Beamforming
Paired with the 4×4 MIMO Mimosa A5c, the Mimosa N5-45×4 provides an easy-to-aim, 9º vertical beamwidth coverage area with a narrow, 4.5º signal and +3 dB gain per client. In the uplink direction, the A5c’s digital phasing works with the 4 port N5-45×4, adding +3 dB of receive gain.